Are you Affected or Infected Am Affected.

Someone I’ve known for years had been infected deliberately by a man she was dating.

I am and have been affected by this 😢😢

(With her consent she has allowed me to narrate part of her ordeal to serve as a lesson for other young girls with dreams and might be going through what she is going through not to give up)

This is what happened…..

A decade ago,Samantha* (not her real name)found out that she had been infected with HIV by a man she wanted to start a family with.This is what happened,they had started dating with this man,let’s call him Peter*(not his real name). She had always been very carefull with her health,always went for health checkups and even insisted that they go for checkup with Peter who was always so hesitant about it.

She always insisted on using protection each time they had sex because she was not yet ready to get pregnant,she was focusing on her career.Ooh btw I forgot to tell you that Peter* was much way older than my friend Samantha (you know how women love abit older and mature men,I dn’t have a reason for that)

One day as Samantha* was going about her daily chores, she decided to arrange her partner’s closet and there was an old suit (always pair of trousers and a coat) which was always hanged at the far corner of the closet. For some unknown reasons she got curious and decided to take a look at the hanged suit,removing the coat,something unusual was hidden inside the inner pockets.A black polythene bag tied with something that felt like tablets.Curiously she had to carefully open it and view what was inside it.She was there thinking “why would Peter* be keeping such tablets safely away from other medication?”

Looking keenly,with the kind of empowerment we have nowadays,imediately she knew what the tablets were meant for,They were Anti Retro Viral’s,Shock on her……

-What would you have done if you were her?

-Do you know someone who has been affected/infected? Are you that person?  How did you handle it?

-What measures should she *Samantha have taken to get justice?


Stepping into “3rd floor” & Being True To Myself

It’s been a while since I stepped into these corridors  (I’ve been trying to figure out what I’m going to focus on while blogging & am still trying to figure out).

I’ve been away because life was happening(it’s okay for life to happen right?)You get to think about lots of things and focus on better important things.You grow physically and mentally.

I just turned “Three O” end of last year and so far so good.this is a digit that scared me most of last year.I could look at myself in the mirror and ask myself alot of questions (of course after doing comparisons with my age mates which is a dangerous thing to do) Anyway as humans it happens,I’m normal,for me to think that way I’m very normal.

I have very mature friends who are on their forties, hitting “Five O” , who each time I told about stepping the third floor and how scared I was and they could tell me that thirty is fun I should just embrace it. I can say mine has come with alot of Wisdom and maturity.Ive learnt to identify who is Gold and who is Gold plated in my life.

I promised myself to always follow one rule “Being happy and true to myself” I’ve learnt to walk away from meaningless arguments that will later on make me regret,I’ve learnt to walk away from unhealthy relationships that will drain my electrolytes and leave me wasted.

I’m still a working in progress and believe that I’m going to be a better person,Going to expand my networks,Going to get alot of opportunities.

Hey, age is nothing but a number…..because personally I feel 10 years younger.

Let’s share what turning 30/Stepping into the 3rd floor felt like.

What excited you…….

Your fears………….

What you’ve come to learn……

What you wish you did differently…….

What you are planning to do.

Achievements/projects etc…..

ION (in other news):

I’m looking for exciting ideas on what you would want me to focus on while blogging or better still advise me on what I’d be good at.

Your critisms are welcomed and will be highly appreciated.



#cornrows as a protective style.


This is my first blog post,(I’m feeling nervous).

I created this blog few months ago and was still sceptical on what to write on, So today I’m seated in my room bored and decided to give WordPress a visit and voila theres goes “niloticdarkchocolate” 😂😂. And then I asked myself “why not today?”

“Stop procrastinating about putting something in this blog”

“Just give it a try”

And I decided to put something down, something I’ve been excited about the past few weeks.

Lately I’ve been doing more protective styling on my hair,during the past I have exposed my hair to relaxers and too much braiding and we all know the effects of too much relaxers on hair and what too much braiding can do to your hairline.(Yes, the beautiful braids that everyone stops you to ask where you had it done)

I was interested in growth but never really took the time to take good care of my hair. If you didn’t spot me in small braids ,then it would be a weave with a leave-out at the front section of my hair.My hairline is badly demaged and I’m trying to get it back before it’s too late.(hopefully).

By the help of my hair stylist/friend we decided that we are going to explore all the protective styles that google (YouTube,Instagram,Facebook) can offer.

So far,We have he hacked two different cornrows styles.Cornrows are the in thing right now(thank God for Beyonce lemonade braids).All you need to have is a creative saloonist who is willing to go for an adventure on your head and understands what suits your face and confidence to wear the style on your head.

I have shared selfies of me rocking my new found love “cornrows”.

Critism is allowed and feel free to advice me on what you’d want me to post/discuss on this beautiful blogging journey.

Cheers 💋💋